None assigned
CLTD Collected. A returned item.
DIST Distributed. An item in use by a student or teacher.
DSTY Destroyed. An item is identified as hazardous, flood damaged, or stolen. No payment is expected, and the item is unusable.
ISBN International Standard Book Number. This is the 10 or 13-digit number assigned by the publisher of each instructional material.
LOST A temporary status, waiting for payment or for the item to be found.
PAID Payment has been received for the full amount of an item.
PRTL Partial payment. This is a temporary status that should result in full payment.
SLC State List Code. Some states assign numbers to groups of instructional materials. For example, Texas uses a four-digit number or multi-list code (MLC) representing the grade level and subject area.
XFER Transfer. This is applicable only to teacher distributions and designates an item that was transferred from the respective teacher to another individual.