Common Icons



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Below are common icons you will encounter in Instructional Materials Management.

Icon Description
Add add.jpg Adds data to the respective area of Instructional Materials Management
Edit edit.jpg Opens the selected item/individual/area to edit any applicable data
Save save.jpg Saves selected information to be accessed later
Refresh refersh.jpg Refreshes the Instructional Materials Management area and returns the current screen to its original state
Search search.jpg Engages the search function, generally after you enter specific data into the search field
Details detail.jpg Opens additional detailed information respective to the record
Print Report printreport.jpg Opens a PDF file to view within a PDF reader (use the PDF reader's controls to save and/or print)
Cancel cancel.jpg Cancels the chosen function and/or returns you to the previous screen
Deactivate/Delete delete.jpg Generally, deactivates data, but also removes data from the Instructional Materials Management application
Previous Page prevpage.jpg

Returns you to the previous screen

Note: Avoid using your browser's back button in favor of this icon.
Next Page nextpage.jpg

Sends you to the next screen

Note: Avoid using your browser's next button in favor of this icon.
Data Export dataexp.png Displays the reports available for viewing, printing, and/or exporting by category in a CSV file
Export to Excel  ex2ex.png Exports data to an Excel spreadsheet to enable detailed sorting