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Instructional Materials Management allows you to add an image to an ISBN located in the "Textbooks" grid. This helps district-wide users in more easily identifying instructional materials. Once an image is uploaded, it resides permanently in the Instructional Materials Management database and is automatically displayed for all respective campuses within your district.

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  4. Add Image to ISBN
Warning: Instructional Materials Management limits the image size to 75KB.

The following steps assume the desired image has been located and saved (either .jpg or .gif) to a location on your computer. Do this by either searching the Internet for the specific title/ISBN and downloading the image, or by scanning/photographing the item to create an image.

  1. Click on books.gif Textbooks, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the desired ISBN.
  3. Click on Details_16.gif Details, located in the ISBN's row. This opens the respective Textbook Details page.
  4. Click on Add Image, located in the upper left-hand corner. This opens the "Upload Textbook Image" window.
  5. Click on Browse to locate and select the desired image on your computer.
  6. Click on Open. This displays the file name next to the Choose File button.
  7. (Optional) Update the image description in the Description field.
  8. Click OK.

To find an image of the ISBN, run a search on the Internet and/or search the respective publisher’s website. Images are commonly available and look like the image below:


After finding the desired image, right click over the image and choose the Save Picture As menu option. Save the image in a location on your computer, external drive, etc., and feel free to rename the image’s file name (such as with the ISBN number) to help identify it later.