Adding New Instructional Material



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Instructional Materials Management allows you to add instructional materials, such as textbooks, for inventory. Review “Master Titles” for another way to add book ISBNs to Instructional Materials Management by selecting from a list of the most used instructional materials.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Textbooks
  4. Add a New Instructional Material

  1. Click on books.gif Textbooks, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Add.gif Add.
  3. Enter an ISBN number and click on Verify.gif Validate ISBN. This ensures the item is not already part of the district’s inventory.
  4. Enter instructional material information. Red fields are required.
  5. Click on Save.gif Save.

If the item is already in use on one of your campuses, you will see this message:

“This ISBN is already in use by another campus. Pressing the button to the left will add this title to the district’s inventory. Once done, see Textbook Details to modify.”

Click on Add.gif Add to acquire this title into the district’s inventory and assume the inventory information/quantities recorded by the campuses.

For example: The district adds ISBN 9780123456789 to Instructional Materials Management. The message will come up that "This ISBN is already in use by another campus." The district clicks on Add.gif Add to acquire the title, the title's established details, and the campus's inventory counts. Campus ABC, using ISBN 9780123456789, has an inventory count of 100. By acquiring this ISBN, the district now shows an inventory count of 100, with 100 distributed to campus ABC. Campus ABC then automatically becomes approved for the respective ISBN. This title is no longer a campus-owned title; it is now a district-tracked title.

If the district edits the textbook details of a campus-acquired ISBN, the campus will automatically see those changes.