Instructional Materials Management Overview



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This article provides an overview on Instructional Materials Management.

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Instructional Materials Management performs the following:

  • Satisfies the procedural needs of both the district and campus levels for complete instructional material inventory control.
  • Helps district and school administrators ensure communication, accountability, and availability of textbooks, resource kits, and other instructional materials.
  • Automatically imports data from your district's Student Information System.
    • This daily import brings in student, teacher, course, schedule, and enrollment numbers.
    • For campuses, material distribution to individuals is much faster because students and teachers are already in Instructional Materials Management.
  • Offers a centralized database for all users, district wide.
    • This helps limit time spent managing district-tracked materials by allowing campuses to benefit from the items the district coordinator enters into the application.
    • This allows real-time review of transactions to the appropriate Instructional Materials Management user(s).
  • Offers efficiency around utilization of resources.