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"Textbooks" is where instructional materials can be viewed and/or managed in Instructional Materials Management.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Textbooks
  4. Delete ISBN
Warning: This permanently removes this ISBN and cannot be undone. Instructional Materials Management will not allow the ISBN number to ever be used again. Any district transactions to campuses (open requisitions and adjustments), student distributions, teacher distributions, losses, payments, and charges will also be deleted.

Verify campuses are no longer using the title and/or collecting on past distributions regarding the ISBN prior to deleting it.

  1. Click textbooks.png Textbooks, located on the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the desired ISBN.
  3. Click mglass.png Details, located in the ISBN's row. This opens the respective "Textbook Details" page.
  4. Click delete.png Delete, located in the middle of the screen. This opens the "Delete Book Confirmation" window.
  5. The following message appears: "Deleting this title will PERMANENTLY remove: Campus level teacher and student distributions, payments, losses and charges. District transactions to campuses. The title will also be removed from all open requisitions and adjustments. Please type the word 'AGREE' in the box below and click 'OK' to indicate you want to PERMANENTLY delete this title."
  6. Type "AGREE" in the Delete Book Confirmation window field.
  7. Click OK. This deletes the ISBN from Instructional Materials Management and returns you to the "Textbooks" page.