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The “Inventory” area provides you with the tools you need to process all of the following:

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An "Order" is a process that increases the quantity of an item in your inventory. The “Orders area is divided into four subcategories:

Subcategory Description
Campus Requisitions Create, edit, approve/deny, ship, and receive instructional materials to campuses
Vendor Orders Create, edit, receive, and track the increase of inventory at the district level
Ticket by ISBN An efficient way to print and reprint campus requisition pick tickets by ISBN
Quick Ship A fast way to move ready-to-ship campus requisition items to the status of "In Transit"


An “Adjustment” is a process that typically reduces your inventory and, in some cases, increases your inventory. The “Adjustments” area is divided into two subcategories:

Subcategory Description
Inventory Adjustment Create, edit, print, and post adjustments to the district inventory totals
Campus Adjustments Create, edit, print, and post/deny adjustment requests to the respective campus's inventory


The “Transfers” area allows you to perform campus-to-campus inventory transfers within “Campus Transfers.” This includes:

  • Create a campus-to-campus transfer and view district-wide “Not In Use” availability counts in order to request items from the respective campus(es)
  • Edit existing campus transfers (created by the district or a campus)
  • Print transfer tickets for a transfer
  • Receive items for a campus
  • Accept or Deny a transfer request
Note: "District Preferences" allows for the customization of Instructional Materials Management to district specific-preferred procedures and policies within "Tools." Within "District Preferences," and in the “Transfers Tab,“ the district user can decide to “Allow Campus Initiated Transfers." The default setting is unchecked; if checked, this allows campuses to transfer books from campus to campus with or without the approval of the district-level administrator.


The “Audits” area allows your campuses to submit their findings after examining and verifying their district-tracked inventory counts. The “Audits” area is divided into two subcategories:

Subcategory Description
Audit Management Create, print, view, edit, verify, and delete audits
Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize Provides the ability to finalize audits and, optionally, create “Campus Adjustments” based on the respective audit shortages and/or overages verified on the audit (shortage = Paid Campus Adjustment, overage = Found Campus Adjustment