Print ISBN & Accession Bar Code Labels



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Instructional Materials Management prints the ISBN and accession number on the same bar code label.

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It is recommended that you use a laser printer with a setting of 600 dpi (dots per inch). The label sheet size matches Avery 6578 (polyester label) or 6572 (paper label), or the generic equivalent. This size includes three labels across and five down per sheet (in portrait orientation).

How to Print ISBN & Accession Bar Code Labels

  1. Click on barcodes.gif Automation, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on barcodes.gif Print ISBN & Accession Bar Codes.
  3. Search for the desired ISBN.
  4. Click on the Title of the ISBN. The row highlights orange and the screen updates the “Book Details” section respective to the ISBN.
  5. Verify and, if needed, enter the desired quantity in the Labels to Print field.
  6. Click on scroll.png Print Bar Codes. This opens the PDF file containing the ISBN/accession barcodes.
  7. Use the PDF reader's controls to print the PDF file to the desired printer.
Note: To print the labels on a partially used sheet of labels, click on nextpage.jpeg Select Starting Label to select the starting label. Do this prior to clicking on scroll.png Print Bar Codes. When printing ISBN/accession bar code labels, the computer you are using must have a PDF reader installed (such as Adobe Reader). Within the Adobe Reader “Print Screen,” make sure your Page Handling is set just like the settings in one of the images below.
  • For version 10 or higher of Adobe Reader:


    • "Size Options" must be set to Actual Size. "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size" is deselected. "Orientation" is set to Portrait.
  • For all other versions of Adobe Reader:


    • "Page Scaling" must be set to None. Auto-Rotate and Center must be checked.