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campuses.png Campuses allows the establishment and management of sites utilizing instructional materials within your district. Record campus contacts, shipping and billing addresses, and notes specific to the campus. campuses.png Campuses also provides quick, on-screen, campus-specific transactions and settings for review.

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Pro Tip: Document and continuously update each campus's details to enable valuable communication features in Instructional Materials Management, such as Email Notifications to campus contacts regarding various campus-specific transactions, as well as delivery addresses on Pick Tickets and Call Tags.

Campuses Grid

Term Definition
Campus ID An alpha and/or numeric campus number (often corresponds with the student management system's campus ID numbers)
Name Name the site/location goes by (clicking on a specific campus displays its approved ISBNs and respective counts)
Contact Name of the person responsible for the respective campus's instructional material inventory
Email Addresses Email of the campus's contact (this is used for Email Notifications). To include additional emails, separate with a comma (,).
Phone Phone number of the campus's contact
Details Opens the "Campus Details" screen, which provides additional information specific to the campus that is not displayed in the "Campuses" grid


Books Assigned to Campus Grid

This grid populates when a campus name or campus ID has been selected from the campuses.png Campuses grid. It only displays the ISBNs approved for the selected campus.

Term Definition
ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Generally, a 10- or 13-digit number assigned by the publisher of the instructional material
Title Displays the assigned name of the instructional material
Copies Displays the quantity the district is holding the campus accountable for