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campuses.png Campuses allows the establishment and management of sites using instructional materials within your district. Record campus contacts, shipping and billing addresses, and notes specific to the campus. campuses.png Campuses also provides quick, on-screen, campus-specific transactions and settings for review.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Campuses
  4. Campus Details
  5. Edit Campus
Pro Tip: Document and continuously update each campus's details to enable valuable communication features in the Instructional Materials Management application, such as Email Notifications to campus contacts regarding various campus-specific transactions, as well as delivery addresses on Pick Tickets and Call Tags.

How to Edit a Campus

  1. Click on campuses.png Campuses, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the desired campus.
  3. Click on mglass.png Details, located in the campus's row. This opens the respective "Campus Details” page.
  4. Click on pencil.png Edit. This opens the "Campus Edit” screen.
  5. Update the desired campus information. (Red fields are required. All other fields are optional but recommended.)
  6. Click on floppy.png Save.

Note: Campus IDs are the way the Instructional Materials Management application identifies each campus and are usually tied to the daily student information system imports. Campus IDs must be unique and match the respective campus ID information imported. Due to this, the "Campus Edit” screen does not allow the changing of campus ID numbers.

To edit an established campus ID, review "Change Campus ID" and contact Frontline Education Customer Support to verify the new campus IDs are aligned to your district's daily imports.