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campuses.pngCampuses allows the establishment and management of sites using instructional materials within your district. The Approved tab displays the ISBNs approved for a campus to order and use.

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Instructional Materials Management is a centralized database. The approval process enables instructional materials for the respective approved campuses to be accessible. This benefits campuses by hiding unapproved ISBNs from their respective “Textbooks” grids, reports, and other inventory processes (such as Audits, Campus Requisitions, and Adjustment Requests).

Approve Instructional Material for a Campus

  1. Click on campuses.png Campuses, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the desired campus.
  3. Click on mglass.png Details, located in the campus's row. This opens the respective "Campus Details" page.
  4. Click on the Approved tab.
  5. Click on plus.png Add. This opens the "Approved Titles" page.
  6. Search for the desired ISBN.
  7. Click on approve.png Approve located on the desired ISBN's row. The ISBN is removed from the grid.
  8. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to "Campus Details." The "Approved" tab grid will be updated with the selected ISBN.

Note: This process doesn't preclude a campus from adding instructional materials they wish to track but the district doesn't wish to track (such as dictionaries or the English department's paperback books). These campus-owned items are solely tracked and maintained by the respective campus. The district will not see campus-owned items at the district level.

“Initialization” is another process for approving an ISBN for a campus. "Initialization" approves and distributes a desired quantity to a campus for an ISBN it has never been issued before.