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Eligibility Tab

campuses.pngCampuses allows the establishment and management of sites using instructional materials within your district. The Eligibility tab displays the ISBNs approved for the respective campus, campus inventory counts, over/short inventory counts, and the established campus book-course relationship details (versus the district book-course relationship). To edit district book-course relationship percentages, review the textbooks.png Textbooks and Courses articles.

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How to Edit Campus Eligibility Percentages

Only approved ISBNs are displayed in the campus's Eligibility tab.

  1. Click on campuses.png Campuses, located in the navigation bar.
  2. Search for the desired campus.
  3. Click on mglass.png Details, located in the campus's row. This opens the respective ”Campus Details” page.
  4. Click on the Eligibility tab.
  5. Scroll to locate the desired ISBN.
  6. Click on pencil.png Edit, located in the ISBN's row. This opens the campus eligibility percentages.
  7. Update the desired percentages.
  8. Click on floppy.png Save. The Eligibility grid refreshes and recalculates the "Copies Eligible" and "Over/Short" fields.

Note: Eligibility (a number the district uses to approve additional materials requested from a campus) is calculated using the following equation:

(Campus Student % x Current enrollment number) + (Campus Teacher % x Current Teacher Enrollment Number) = ISBN eligibility

Most districts designate student edition materials for students only. In order to only account for student enrollment eligibility for student edition materials, use zeroes in the "Campus Teacher %" field. In almost all cases, districts designate teacher edition materials for teachers only. In order to only account for teacher enrollment eligibility for teacher edition materials, use zeroes in the "Campus Student %" field.

To designate that every student/teacher enrolled is entitled to a copy of the ISBN (1:1 ratio), enter "100%" into the respective campus percentage field. It is common to have a higher percentage for the district fields. This allows for district growth, special education copies, etc.

  • Review an ISBN's district-wide eligibility numbers on the "Textbook Details" inventory tab under the "Textbook Needs" section. Reports have three "District Analysis of Needs" reports (current enrollment, max enrollment, and percentage forecast).
  • Review a campus's eligibility for an ISBN in "Find a Book" and/or the "Campus Details" eligibility tab. The "Campus Needs by Title" report is another option for reviewing a campus's eligibility.
  • Review current book/course relationships with the "Master Courses Listing" report.
  • Review a list of all campuses offering a specific course on the "Courses" page.