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scroll.pngReports displays by category the reports available for viewing, printing, and/or exporting. All reports and receipts provide details on instructional materials tracked by the district (campus-owned materials are not included). Refine reports and receipts by filtering and sorting the data in multiple ways.

Most reports allow Instructional Materials Management filtering. This article reviews how to export data into a spreadsheet for non-filterable reports.

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Note: There are eight total filters: four sets of filters with two criteria per set (Tabs: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4). This allows for a total of eight filters to be applied, if applicable, to the reports. Between each of the desired filter criteria, an AND statement or an OR statement must be selected.

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How to Filter a Report

  1. Click on scroll.png Reports.
  2. Select the desired report category using the Select Report Category drop-down menu. This will open reports available in that category.
  3. Click on filter.png Filter, located in the desired report's row. This opens the "Reports Filters” page.
  4. Under the settab.png Set 1 Tab, select the first filter using the Please Select Report Filter drop-down menu(s) and the desired filter criteria data.
    • If applying more than one filter, select the appropriate And/Or radio setting between the first and second filters.
    • If applying more than two filters, select the appropriate And/Or radio setting in the “Set 2 Box” (located on the far right side). This opens the next “Set Tab,” allowing the selection of additional filters.
Note: There are four Set options with two filters available in each. Select go.png Go. This provides a preview of the respective report featuring the applied filters and sorts.
  1. Select scroll.png Print to launch the report. Depending on the file format of the report (most commonly a PDF), use the respective file's application controls to view, save, or print the report. The selected report name is displayed in the top left-hand corner on the "Filters” page.

Regarding And/Or Settings

  • AND radio.png - Combines separate search criteria together by specifying all terms must be present in the record (this narrows a search, because the more terms you join with AND, the fewer results will be returned)

    Example: A "Campus Adjustment Receipt" filtered for all "Paid" campus adjustments AND for Dixon Elementary provides a list of "Paid" campus adjustments for Dixon Elementary

  • OR radio.png - Separates search criteria by specifying either term may appear in the record (this expands the search to include each search criteria)

    Example: A "Campus Adjustment Receipt" filtered for all "Return Surplus" adjustments OR "Worn" adjustments provides a combined list of campus adjustments in the status of "Return Surplus" or "Worn"

When Printing

  • For PDF files, the computer you are using must have a PDF reader installed (such as Adobe Reader).
  • For XLS files, the computer you are using must have Excel installed, or another spreadsheet application that can open XLS files.