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Ticket by ISBN Overview

"Ticket By ISBN" is a fast and easy way to print Pick Tickets (and change the respective ISBN's campus requisition item status from "Approved" to "Ticketed") for all campus requisitions containing the desired ISBN. When used in conjunction with Multi-Campus Requisitions and Quick Ship, filling multiple requisitions for multiple campuses can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

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This process requires a campus requisition with the desired ISBN within the campus requisition with the status of "Approved."

Pick Tickets can be customized by the district. Review District Preference options.

This grid is populated only by ISBNs currently found on campus requisitions with item statuses of "Approved," "Ticketed," or "In Transit." If there are no items on campus requisitions with any of these statuses, the grid will be empty.

Item Description
ISBN Displays the International Standard Book Number (generally a 10- or 13-digit number) on the campus requisition
Title Displays the assigned name of the instructional material requested on the campus requisition
SLC (State List Code) Displays the respective state-assigned number associated with the ISBN
Vendor Name of the company that publishes the respective instructional material
Grade Displays the assigned grade level used within your district
Status Displays the current item status of the ISBN on various campus requisitions (only displays "Approved," "Ticketed," or "In Transit")
Reprint Pick Ticket reprintpick.png (red) When displayed, opens the respective Pick Tickets containing the selected ISBN with an item status of "Ticketed" (includes Pick Tickets created in the “Campus Requisition” page and/or the “Ticket by ISBN” page

Requisitions Grid

Item Description
Edit Quantity pencil.png Opens the “To Ship” field(s) for the displayed requisitions and allows changes (this number cannot exceed the approved count)
Approve approve.png When displayed, saves the edits made to the “To Ship” field(s)
Prepare Ticket(s) prepare.png When displayed and selected, processes all the approved items on the campus requisition and places them on the Pick Ticket
Print Pick Ticket(s) pickticket.png When displayed, creates a Pick Ticket for each requisition listed in the grid for the selected ISBN (this process will only produce Pick Tickets for the selected ISBN despite different approved ISBNs on the same requisition)
Requisition Name Displays the name given to the campus requisition (must be unique)
Campus Name Displays the name of the campus associated with the campus requisition
Date Created Displays the date an Instructional Materials Management user created the campus requisition
Approved Displays the quantity the district intends to ship to the campus
# Shipped Displays the quantity already shipped to the campus
To Ship A field to enter a change in the quantity shipped to the campus for the selected ISBN (the field is open when Edit Quantity has been selected)