Print Pick Tickets by ISBN



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Ticket By ISBN is a fast and easy way to print Pick Tickets (and change the respective ISBN's campus requisition item status from "Approved" to "Ticketed") for all campus requisitions containing the desired ISBN. When used in conjunction with Multi-Campus Requisitions and Quick Ship, filling multiple requisitions for multiple campuses can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

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This process requires a campus requisition with the desired ISBN and in the status of "Approved."

How to Print Pick Tickets by ISBN

  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the Orders subcategory, click on Ticket by ISBN. This opens the "Ticket by ISBN" page.
  3. Search for the desired ISBN in the status of "Approved."
  4. Click on the title of the item. The row highlights orange and the bottom grid refreshes. Requisitions containing the respective ISBN with an item status of "Approved" populate the lower grid.
  5. Verify the "To Ship" number is accurate.
  6. Click on prepare.png Prepare Ticket to prepare the Pick Ticket. This updates the respective ISBN's line-item status to "Ticketed."
  7. Click on pickticket.png Pick Ticket to launch the Pick Ticket in a PDF reader. Print, save, and/or close the file using the PDF reader's controls. 
  8. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the "Inventoryā€¯ page.