Quick Ship a Pick Ticket



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Quick Ship allows the district to place simultaneously the contents of an entire Pick Ticket in the status of "In Transit." It also allows a last-minute reduction in the quantity shipped to the campus after the Pick Ticket has been generated. This process requires the use of the respective Pick Ticket's number, located under the corresponding barcode on the upper left-hand side of the Pick Ticket.

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  6. Quick Ship a Pick Ticket
Pro Tip: Allow district warehouse personnel access to this Instructional Materials Management page to use when shipping instructional materials to campuses. Providing a scanning device will make this process even faster.
  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the Orders subcategory, click on Quick Ship. This opens the "Quick Ship" page.
  3. Search for the desired Pick Ticket (scan the Pick Ticket barcode or enter the pick ticket number).
  4. The Quick Ship grid displays the ticketed ISBNs and quantity to ship for the respective Pick Ticket.
  5. Verify the Qty to Ship count for each ISBN. If necessary, edit the Qty to Ship count to reflect the actual count being shipped to the campus.
  6. Click on Ship. This places the respective ISBNs in the status of "In Transit."
Note: If edits are made to the Qty to Ship count, the Pick Ticket will not reflect the accurate respective "In Transit" counts. District warehouse personnel should update the Pick Ticket manually by utilizing the "Filled" box and write in the reduced quantity actually shipped to the campus. The campus requisition will not require any edits as Quick Ship recorded the actual quantity shipped to the campus.