Possible District Vendor Order Statuses



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"Vendor Orders" allows the district to increase inventory counts for existing ISBNs by creating vendor orders.

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There are two kinds of statuses in each vendor order:

  1. "Vendor Order Status" indicates the overall status
  2. "Item Status" indicates the actual status of each item in the vendor order


"Vendor Orders" have three different possible overall statuses:

  1. Pending - The order has been created and the district is awaiting the shipment's arrival.
  2. In Progress - Some of the items have been received for at least one ISBN in the vendor order.
  3. Complete - All items have been received in their entirety.

"Item Statuses" include three different possible statuses, which are:

  1. Pending - The district has not received any quantity of the ordered amount.
  2. In Progress - Some of the items have been received, either partially or in their entirety.
  3. Complete - The entire quantity has been received as ordered.