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Pick Ticket Tab - Requisitions

"Campus Requisitions" is a process to increase the inventory at the campus level. It can be placed by the campus or the district to order/requisition items supplied by the district. The district tracks all campus requisitions. Throughout this process, the campus requisitions and their current statuses are viewable by the respective campus.

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  6. Pick Ticket Tab - Requisitions

The picktickettab.png Pick Ticket tab allows users to search for active Pick Tickets across all requisitions for easy reprinting of a ticket. Tickets can be searched by Requisition number, Requisition name, Campus name, or Date created.

How to Search for a Pick Ticket

  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the “Orders” subcategory, click on Campus Requisitions. This opens the “Campus Requisitions” page.
  3. Select the picktickettab.png Pick Tickets tab.
  4. Search for the respective Pick Ticket using the desired search criteria.
  5. Click on reprintpick.png Print Pick Ticket to launch the Pick Ticket(s) in a PDF reader. Print, save, and/or close the file using the PDF reader's controls.
  6. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the "Campus Requisitions” page.
Note: If there are multiple Pick Tickets for a requisition, the "Select Pick Ticket to Reprint" window will open, allowing the user to select an instance of the Pick Ticket from its history.