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"Campus Transfers" allows the quick and easy shipment of instructional materials from one campus within the district to another campus.

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  5. Create Campus Transfers

Campus Transfers have two commonly used purposes:

  1. When opening a new campus, instructional materials typically get moved from one or more campuses to the new campus.
  2. Moving materials from one campus to another due to changes in enrollment throughout the school year.
Note: The district can initiate these transfers and/or allow campuses to initiate the transfer. You can to allow campus-initiated transfers by selecting the Allow Campus Initiated Transfers radio toggle in "District Preferences."
  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the “Transfers” subcategory, click on Campus Transfers. This opens the “Campus Transfers” page.
  3. Click on plus.png Add. This opens the “Campus Transfers” page.
  4. Search for the desired target campus.
  5. Click on the campus Name. The row highlights orange.
  6. Click on nextpage.jpeg Next. This opens the "Campus Transfer ISBN" grid.
  7. Enter any notes relevant to the transfer request into the Notes field.
  8. Search for the desired ISBN to transfer.
  9. Click on the Title. The row highlights orange.
    1. Review the "Copies Needed" field to verify your campus qualifies for the extra copies of the ISBN you are requesting.
    2. Review the "Available For Transfer District Wide" field to verify if any campus in the district has available (not in use) copies to ship.
  10. Click on plus.png Add. This opens the "Campus Transfers District Availability” page.
  11. Locate campus(es) with quantities higher than one in the "Not in Use" column.
  12. Enter the quantity to transfer from the respective campus(es) into the Qty to Transfer field.
  13. Click on plus.png Add. This adds the campus and quantity to transfer to the "Campus Transfer ISBN" grid.
  14. Add multiple titles by repeating steps 8 through 13.
  15. Click on floppy.png Save.
Note: The district can edit the transfer; however, after a Transfer Ticket is produced, "In Transit" ISBNs will not allow edits.