Receive Campus Transfer Items for a Campus



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"Campus Transfers" allows the quick and easy shipment of instructional materials from one campus within the district to another campus. The district can receive the items on a transfer on behalf of the target campus.

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If the source campus has less than the amount requested to send the target campus, deny the request for the item, then add another transfer request with the smaller quantity the source campus is willing/able to send.

Pro Tip: Encourage the target campus to receive the items in Instructional Materials Management themselves. This will help verify the quantity shipped was the quantity received. Also, encourage the source campus to include the Transfer Ticket with the shipment.

How to Receive Campus Transfer Items on Behalf of a Campus

  1. Open the shipment and verify the number of materials shipped to the target campus. Note the quantities received on the Transfer Ticket.
  2. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  3. Under the Transfers subcategory, click on Campus Transfers. This opens the "Campus Transfers” page.
  4. Locate the transfer, which will have the status of "In Transit."
  5. Click on mglass.png Details to open the transfer.
  6. Locate the ISBN to receive.
  7. Enter the number of copies received into the Qty To Receive field, located in the same row.
  8. Click on receive.png Receive for the respective row.
  9. Receive multiple titles for the same transfer by repeating steps 6 through 8.
  10. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the "Campus Transfers” page.

Note: If the ticket becomes lost, reprint the ticket by clicking on pickticket.png Transfer Ticket above the blue header on the transfer's "Details" page.

If there is a shipping discrepancy, contact the source campus. Verify whether it will be sending an additional shipment. If it is not and will not be sending additional materials to match the transfer ticket's shipped amount, enter the quantity the target campus did receive. Click on receive.png Receive for the respective title. To finalize the transfer with the reduced quantity, click on complete.png Mark as Complete.

Once all materials have been received, the overall transfer's status will change to "Complete." If you do not mark a title's reduced shipping quantity as "Complete," then the transfer will remain open and in the status of "In Transit."