Audits Overview



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"Audits" is the automated process by which a district requests a campus to examine, record, and officially verify within Instructional Materials Management its campus inventory counts for selected district-tracked items.

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Within the "Audits" section, there are two areas: "Audit Management" and "Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize."

Audit Management

Within Audit Management, users can:

  • Create an audit (delete an audit with the status of "New")
  • View the campus’s progress
  • Edit campus-submitted counts
  • Verify the audit (ending the review/edit process)
  • Print an audit report

Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize

Within Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize, users can:

  • Create campus adjustments respective to overages and shortages reported on a verified campus audit
  • Finalize an audit

Typical Audit Workflow

  1. The district creates the audit. It identifies campus(es) to complete the audit, desired district tracked material type(s), and other options.
  2. The campus examines and records the inventory counts. Instructional Materials Management users can view campus progress at any point during this process.
  3. The campus completes and submits the audit results to the district. Campuses cannot edit the audit after this point.
  4. The district reviews submitted audits and edits campus counts, if needed. A review would place the audit in the status of "In Review."
  5. The district verifies the audit. Edits to the submitted audit cannot be made after this point.
  6. The district creates automatically generated campus adjustments respective to the overages and shortages reported in the audit (optional).
  7. The district finalizes the audit.
Note: By default, the campus’s audit screen and respective audit report will display the campus’s district-tracked inventory count. A "Blind Audit” is an optional audit feature that hides the campus’s inventory count within its audit screen and respective audit report. This process encourages staff performing the campus audit to enter an authentic physical count, rather than mimic the displayed inventory count.