Warehouse - Review and Edit a Submitted Audit’s ISBN Count



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"Warehouse Audits" is the process by which a district can conduct a physical count of all inventories located in a warehouse.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Inventory
  4. Audits
  5. Warehouse Audit Mgmt
  6. Review/Edit Submitted Warehouse Audit

Reviewing and making possible edits to Warehouse audit counts can only be made to “New” or “In Progress” audits.

  1. Click on inventory2.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the Audits subcategory, click on Audit Management. This opens the “Audit Management” page.
  3. Select the Warehouse tab.
  4. Search for the desired audit.
  5. Click on pencil.png Edit, located in the respective row. This opens the audit in the "Edit Warehouse Audit” page.
  6. Search for the desired ISBN.
  7. Verify the ISBN and Title for the desired item.
  8. Enter the quantity into the Quantity field.
  9. Select addselect.png Add Counts. Counts can be edited within the respective line by selecting  Edit.
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 until all quantities have been entered.
  11. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the Audit Management page.


  • The default sort for the top grid is by SLC (State List Code).
  • Once the audit is verified, the inventory counts are frozen and will not change.