Warehouse - Verify Audit Counts



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Instructional Materials Management users can only review and/or edit "New" or "In Progress" warehouse audit counts. The verify.png Verify icon will not appear until all counts have been entered for the respective warehouse audit. Once counts have been verified, the audit will not be editable and will be available under “Warehouse - Create Adjustments and Finalize."

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Inventory
  4. Audits
  5. Warehouse Audit Mgmt
  6. Warehouse-Verify Audit Counts

  1. Click on inventory2.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the Audits subcategory, click on Audit Management. This opens the “Audit Management” page.
  3. Select the Warehouse tab.
  4. Search for the desired audit.
  5. Click on pencil.png Edit, located in the respective row. This opens the audit in the "Edit Warehouse Audit” page.
  6. Review the Count for each ISBN. This is the final audit count.
    • These counts will be used if adjustments are created from this audit.
  7. Edit counts if necessary.
  8. Click on verify.png Verify.
  9. A message displays: "Click OK to verify this audit."
    • You will be unable to edit this audit after you verify.
  10. Click OK. This marks the audit as "Verified" and returns you to the “Warehouse Audit Management” page.


  • The default sort for the top grid is by SLC (state list code).
  • Once the audit is verified, the inventory counts are locked and cannot be edited.