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"Adjustments" is an important process for maintaining accurate ISBN inventory counts. Primarily, adjustments reduce the inventory totals of respective ISBNs in the district inventory and the campuses' inventories.

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Review District Vendor Orders to increase the district's overall inventory and Campus Requisitions to increase item counts for ISBNs shipped from the district to the campuses.

There are two kinds of adjustments in Instructional Materials Management.

Inventory Adjustments

"Inventory Adjustments" are used to decrease the district's overall inventory counts by ISBN.

Campus Adjustments

"Campus Adjustments" are used to return surplus instructional materials to the district’s warehouse or to report items that are paid for, destroyed, or worn. Very rarely, an adjustment request can be utilized to increase inventory counts regarding materials not included in the campus's inventory audit for the previous year (this process increases both the campus's ISBN inventory total and the district's ISBN inventory total).

These requests are subject to the district’s approval.