Create a Campus Adjustment



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Campus Adjustments are used primarily to decrease the inventory of district-tracked items or instructional materials at the campus level. These requests are subject to district approval.

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  2. District View
  3. Inventory
  4. Adjustments
  5. Campus Adjustments
  6. Create Campus Adjustments

Decreases in inventory may be due to:

  • Payment and/or agreement of losses to instructional materials (commonly as a result of materials being issued to students/teachers)
  • Surplus instructional materials (due to a decrease in students)
  • Instructional materials destroyed in a fire, flood or other natural disaster (not due to abuse by an individual)
  • Worn-out instructional materials (coming apart due to wear, not abuse)

Increases in inventory due to found instructional materials previously paid for by the campus are processed through a “Found Adjustment,” which is automatically created when a previously paid for (reconciled) item is returned to storage. Once the adjustment is posted, the inventory at the campus level will increase. Posting the adjustment will also automatically reflect the increase at the district level.

  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the Adjustments subcategory, click on Adjustments. This opens the “Adjustments” page and defaults to the Inventory tab.
  3. Click on the campusad.png Campus Adjustments tab.
  4. Click on plus.png Add. This opens the "Create Campus Adjustment” page.
  5. Search for the desired campus.
  6. Click on the campus name. The row highlights orange.
  7. Select the desired Adjustment Type using the “Adjustment Type" drop-down menu.
  8. Enter a name for the adjustment in the Adjustment Name field (It must be unique).
  9. Click nextpage.jpeg Next. This opens the "Create Adjustments" ISBN grid.
  10. Enter any notes relevant to the adjustment into the “Description” field.
  11. Search for the desired ISBN.
  12. Click on the title. The row highlights orange.
  13. Referencing the “Available for Adjustment” field, enter a quantity into the “Copies to Adjust” field.
  14. Click on plus.png Add. This adds the selected ISBN and the copies to adjust to the lower half of the page.
  15. Add multiple titles by repeating steps 10 through 13.
  16. Click floppy.png Save.