Adjustment Process a Campus Adjustment



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Campus Adjustments are used to return surplus instructional materials to the district’s warehouse or to report items that are paid for, destroyed, or worn. Very rarely, a campus adjustment can be utilized to increase inventory counts regarding materials not included in the campus's previous year's inventory audit (this process increases both the campus's ISBN inventory total and the district's ISBN inventory total). These requests are subject to district approval.

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To complete a campus adjustment, it is necessary to post the campus adjustment. The posting process changes the status of the campus adjustment from “In Progress” to “Complete," changes the number of copies the campus is responsible (positive or negative), and moves the posted inventory quantity at the district level to the respective district inventory details category (Destroyed, Paid, Worn, or Issued).

For example, suppose that Campus XYZ requests to reduce its inventory for Title ABC by a count of 10, due to losses and damage over the course of the school year. The district agrees and posts 10 copies. Instead of 100 copies of Title ABC, the campus is now only responsible for 90 copies. The overall district-wide inventory for Title ABC is 1000. The district-wide inventory count does not change by posting the campus adjustment. However, the sub-categories of inventory tracked at the district level are altered. The quantity of issued copies for Title ABC is now 10 less than before, and the quantity of paid inventory is 10 higher (as seen on several reports and the ISBN's "Textbook Details" page).

  1. Click on inventory.png Inventory, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Under the “Adjustments” subcategory, click on Adjustments. This opens the “Adjustments” page and defaults to the Inventory tab.
  3. Click on the campusad.png Campus Adjustments tab.
  4. Search for the desired existing campus adjustment.
  5. Click on mglass.png Details. This opens the adjustment in the "Campus Adjustment Details” page.
  6. Print a Call Tag if necessary.
  7. Evaluate each ISBN's requested quantity to adjust in the “Copies” field.
  8. You have three options in the posting process:
    • Approve the quantity by clicking on post.png Post, located in the same row.
    • Approve a lower quantity than requested by editing the "Copies" column to the desired amount and then click on post.png Post, located in the same row.
    • Deny the ISBN requested by clicking on deny.png Deny, located in the same row (no copies are or will be adjusted).
  9. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the "Campus Adjustments” page.
Note:postall.png Post All (located above the blue header bar) posts simultaneously the counts located in the "Copies" fields for all eligible titles in the campus adjustment grid.