Create a Vendor/Publisher



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Vendor/Publisher allows the creation of a district-wide list of vendors and/or publishers from whom instructional materials are purchased. Details can be documented such as the ISBNs linked to the respective vendor/publisher and the vendor/publisher's contact names and information.

Campuses can add to this list and edit the details within existing vendor/publishers.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Other Data
  4. Vendor/Publisher
  5. Create Vendor/Publisher

  1. Click on otherdata.png Other Data, located in the "Navigation Bar.”
  2. Click on vendorpub.png Vendors/Publishers. This opens the "Vendors/Publishers” page.
  3. Click on plus.png Add New Vendor/Publisher. This opens the "Add Vendors/Publishers” page.
  4. Enter the respective vendor/publisher information. Bold entry fields are required.
  5. Click on floppy.png Save.
  6. The message "You have successfully added the publisher" appears.
  7. Click on back.png Previous Page. This opens the newly added "Vendor/Publisher's Details” page.