Remove an Assigned ISBN from a Vendor/Publisher



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Vendor/Publisher allows the creation of a district-wide list of vendors and/or publishers from whom instructional materials are purchased. Details can be documented such as the ISBNs linked to the respective vendor/publisher and the vendor/publisher's contact names and information.

Campuses can add to this list and edit the details within existing vendor/publisher records.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Other Data
  4. Vendor/Publisher
  5. Remove Assigned ISBN from Vendor/Publisher

  1. Click on otherdata.png Other Data, located in the "Navigation Bar.”
  2. Click on vendorpub.png Vendors/Publishers. This opens the "Vendors/Publishers” page.
  3. Search for the desired vendor/publisher.
  4. Click on mglass.png Details, located in the vendor/publisher's row. This opens the respective "Vendor/Publisher's Details" page.
  5. Search for the desired ISBN.
  6. Click on delete.png Delete, located in the ISBN's row.
  7. The message appears: "Are you sure you want to delete this textbook item??
  8. Click OK to remove the association of the ISBN and the vendor/publisher. This updates the grid with a current list of assigned ISBNs.