Create a Material Type



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Material Types are district-wide categories assigned to Instructional Materials Management instructional materials. Material types are used as filters for multiple on-screen grids and multiple inventory reports.

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  2. District View
  3. Tools
  4. Textbook Tools
  5. Subject Areas
  6. Create Material Type

Campuses can add to this list and edit the details within existing material types.

  1. Click on tools.png Tools, found in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click on materialtypes.png Create Material Types, found under the "Textbook Tools” subcategory. This opens the "Material Types” page.
  3. Enter the desired material type information.
  4. Click on save.png Save.
  5. The message "You have successfully added a new material type!" appears.
  6. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the Tools page.