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Closing allows the district to tidy data collected over the course of a year/term. The various processes available are not required. However, they help remove and archive non-relevant data from the various screens and reports in Instructional Materials Management. This allows for less filtering and sorting through old data.

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Warning: Closing processes cannot be undone.


  • consolidate.png Consolidate Campus Transactions - Allows the consolidation of campus inventory distributions and adjustments (to and from the district) into a single transaction for each district-tracked ISBN (for every campus).
  • removearchive.png Remove/Archive Consumables - Allows the removal of selected consumable material types from campuses, zeroes out the district’s distribution counts for the respective ISBNs, and archives the original distribution data into the archives.png Archives.
Note: Any data consolidated or removed during closing is automatically archived. This information can be viewed by clicking on archives.png View Archives, found under otherdata.png Other Data on the navigation bar.