Create a Form Letter Template



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The Form Letter Editor allows the district to create, edit, and store form letter templates to assist campuses in the return of lost instructional materials, payment for those materials, or notifying students/parents of instructional materials policies on the district's campuses. Letters are intended to provide important information to parents/guardians and students regarding losses, fines, end-of-term/-year policies, and/or returning items before established deadlines.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Tools
  4. Global Tools
  5. Form Letter Editor
  6. Create Form Letter Template

  1. Click on tools.png Tools, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click on letter.png Form Letter Editor, found under "Global Tools” subcategory. This opens the "Form Letter Editor” page.
  3. Click on add.png Add. This opens the "Form Letter Editor Details” page.
  4. Enter the desired information in the “Description (Not required)” and "Letter Body” areas. “Description (Not required)” is an optional field.
  5. Click on save.png Save.
  6. The message "Your letter has been saved..." appears.
  7. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the "Form Letter Editor” page.
Note: Review the newly created form letter template by clicking on scroll.png Preview, located on the "Form Letter Editor” page grid.