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User Management allows the district to add, edit, and/or delete Instructional Materials Management users accounts. District-level and campus-level users can be created. District users have view-switching privileges for all campuses. Campus users can be assigned to multiple campuses and are only allowed respective view-switching privileges.

  1.  Navigation:
  2. District View
  3. Tools
  4. Global Tools
  5. User Management
  6. Edit User

  1. Click on tools.png Tools, located in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click on user.png User Management, located under the "Global Tools” subcategory. This opens the "User Management" page.
  3. Locate the desired user.
  4. Click on edit.png Edit, located in the respective user's row. This opens the "Edit User” window.
  5. Update the desired user information. Required fields are red.
  6. Click on save.png Save.
  7. The "Edit User" window closes and the “User Management grid” is updated with the updated user's account.
  8. Click on back.png Previous Page to return to the Tools page.