District Preferences Overview



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District Preferences allows the customization of Instructional Materials Management to district-specific preferred procedures and policies. There are multiple tabs of preferences.

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Tab Description
Interface Options Tab Allows the setting of the number of rows displayed per grid and permitting alpha/numeric accession numbers
Transfers Tab Allows campuses to transfer books from one campus to another campus with or without the approval of the district
Reports Tab Allows student IDs to be shown on a bar codes report, hides the components on pick tickets, alters the default message on pick tickets, and sets the district growth forecast percentage (for reporting purposes)
Quick Entry Tab Allows the success sound to play, forces validation of accession numbers by requiring double scanning, and alters data entry minimum and maximum field limits
Application Notification Tab Allows custom messages to be created, edited, and enabled for in-application notifications to all Instructional Materials Management users
Home Page Settings Tab Allows adding a custom image representing the district to be displayed on all Instructional Materials Management Home pages
Email Notification Tab Allows emails to be sent to respective campus contacts and a district contact when selected processes are performed in Instructional Materials Management