Issue Item from Staff Account



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Staff are the employees within a site to which an item is issued. Staff records are most often brought into the Asset Management system via an integration with the district’s student information system or an HR system.

Staff are considered a type of location, not a user.

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Issue Item from Staff Account

  1. On the top navigation bar, click staff.gif Staff.
  2. Filter the Staff grid to locate the respective staff member.
  3. In the respective staff member's row, click Issue.gif Issue Inventory to Staff under the Actions column. The Issue Inventory window opens. StaffIssueInv.PNG
  4. If desired, utilize the Calendar.PNG Calendar tool to choose a Due Date.
  5. Enter/scan the tag number in the Tag field.
  6. Click on SaveAs.gif Save. The tag is added to the Current Inventory grid at the bottom of the Issue Inventory window.
  7. If there are accessories issued with this asset, they will be indicated with the Accessories.gif Accessory icon to the left of the asset. Floating above the icon will cause a popup window to show the included accessories. Clicking on the icon will allow the user to change the quantity of each accessory if needed.
  8. To collect a digital signature and generate a “Distribution Receipt,” click on Please Select Inventory Report drop-down menu.
  9. Select the desired receipt under the PDF menu subcategory. The receipt displays all items issued to this staff member from the staff member's home site and acquired sites.
    1. Full Transaction Receipt displays each item that has been issued to this staff member.
    2. Full Distribution Receipt displays each item plus the verbiage created in the Report Settings by an administrator.
    3. Today's Transaction Receipt only displays the items which have been issued or collected today.
  10. Click on Cancel.gif Done to close the Receipt window
  11. Click on Cancel.gif Done to close the Issue Inventory window

Note: If the tag(s) issued to the staff member are an Asset Type of Component or Parent, an additional warning screen will display to verify the transaction. Review Parent and Components Overview for more details.