Audit Best Practices



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The goal of an audit of assets within Asset Management is to verify the established list of assets expected to be in a room or issued to staff/students at a site. Simultaneously, audits are designed to capture asset locations when they have moved from their expected location.


There are three distinct steps involved in the audit process:

  1. Strategic Planning: Preparing for the physical audit.

Creating policies for how the audit team will handle different scenarios and standardize their actions across the district will reduce the time spent per site. Areas to focus on prior to the physical audit are:

  • Scope: Define the Scope of Work, Resources Available, and Determine the Stakeholders.
  • Communication Plan: How and when will stakeholders know what is expected during the audit?
  • Misc: Consider any other miscellaneous items.
  1. Audit Process: Performing the audit
  2. Reconciliation: Taking action on the audit results and reporting to stakeholders

Download the PDF

The following downloadable PDF is a comprehensive guide to auditing best practices: Best Practices for Audits.