Site-to-Site Transfers



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Site-to-site transfers do not allow tags in the status of lost or stolen within a transfer. Tag Search or Tags screen will help you verify the item’s current status.

Scanning the Tag physically located on the item will reduce the possibility of adding the wrong tag number to the site to site transfer.

Steps for initiating a site-to-site transfer

  1. Click on Initiate Transfer under Tools Quick Links.
  2. Using the Destination field’s drop down menu, select the site receiving the item(s).
  3. Click on Go next to the Destination field.
  4. For tagged items, scan or enter the Tag Number or Serial Number into the Tag/Serial field, located in the Tagged Inventory to Transfer section.
  5. For untagged items, click on Untagged Inventory to Transfer to expand this section
  6. Enter the product number in the Product Number field OR Search to select the desired untagged enabled product.
  7. Enter an alphanumeric value in the Identifier field.
  8. Enter the number to transfer into the Quantity field.
  9. Click on Add Untagged Inventory.
  10. For transfer notes, click on Transfer Notes to expand this section. Type any notes regarding the transfer in the text box.
  11. Click Save. You will receive a "Transfer Notes Saved" message.
  12. Click Submit Transfer at the top right hand side of the Initiate Transfer window, located in the Actions section. This puts the transfer in the status of Submitted.
  13. Click Ship Transfer, the Sign for Transfer window opens.
  14. Use your mouse or touch screen to digitally sign. Decline, Clear or Accept the Signature.
  15. Click on GO and Close to close the Initiate Transfer window.


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