Archiving Tags



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Archive tags via the Tags grid in order to remove in bulk from the application.

Steps for Bulk Archiving Tags

The following steps will guide you through bulk archiving tags within TIPWeb-IT:

  1. Within Tags, generate the tags needing archival using basic or advanced filters, and click the GO button.


  1. Once the tags grid has been populated, choose the Bulk Edit option to open the Bulk Edit window.
  2. In the Bulk Edit Details box, choose "Status" as the field to edit. The number of tags to be archived will be displayed in the Tag Details box.
  3. In the Update Records To dropdown, choose the tag status to be archived (disposed, surplus, etc).
  4. Make sure the Archive Records checkbox is checked.
  5. Include any relevant notes in the Status Notes field.
  6. Click the GO button to archive the tags.