Receive Assets Using Receive By Tag Import



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The process of receiving assets using the Receive by Tag import allows administrative level users to receive items to a room, student, or staff member by importing an XLS or XLSX file into Asset Management.

The file must contain the data for required fields (respective to the product and product type) as this process also requires the assignment of the item status (available or in use), assignment of the tag to the item, and assignment of any required custom field data.

The import process must contain the exact number of tags shipped to the respective site per product.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Purchasing.
  2. Filter the purchasing grid to located the desired purchase order.
  3. Click on the purchase order to open it, and display the Products tab.
  4. Locate the product you are receiving and click the Ship to Site icon in the Actions column.
  5. In the Shipping Management window, find the record that shows the site for which you are receiving assets, and click the Import Tags option in the Actions column.
  6. Review the Import Details box to verify that the desired file contains data for each of the required fields and/or optional fields.
  7. Click Browse to select the desired import file.
  8. If the desired file does not contain a header row, uncheck the box labeled My Table Has Headers.
  9. Click on Import to refresh the window with the file's data.
  10. Select the Location Type to which you are importing: Room, Student, or Staff. You must have a separate file or worksheet for each type, and can only import to one location type at a time for each site.
  11. For workbooks with multiple worksheets, you will be prompted to select the active worksheet.
  12. In the Import Preview area, verify that each column in your spreadsheet is mapped to the corresponding field in TIPWeb-IT. Be sure to select Do Not Import for any empty column or data that is not related to the import.
  13. Click on Validate to review the file for possible issues.
  14. Once the validation is successful, click on Finish.

Once you've finished the import, all tags will be added and the Receive by Tag Import Manager window will be closed. You will be returned to the Shipping Management window and the Received Tags count and status will be updated.


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