Prepare a Data Template for PO Inventory Import



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The PO Inventory Import tool imports purchasing details for one or more purchased funded by one or more sources. Administrative level users can receive items to rooms, students, or staff by importing an Excel spreadsheet (XLS or XLSX formats) into TIPWeb-IT.

Preparing Data

You will need a separate template for each location type in which assets are to be placed.

The following items must be defined in TIPWeb-IT prior to import: funding source, product, site, location (room, staff, or student).

It is best practice to use the PO# in my file name to identify the correct import file when needed.

Some field considerations:

  • Products defined in the catalog as “Serial required” will require a value in the Serial# field.
  • Fields highlighted in orange are optional except for any Custom Field defined as “Required” in TIPWeb-IT.
  • Lookup the product number in your catalog and add it to your import file.
  • Required fields should have a cell format of "General".
  • The Invoice Date field is an optional field and should have a cell format of "date".
  • Custom Fields should have a cell format that matches that field’s format in TIPWeb-IT.


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