Purchasing Receive Items for a Site in Admin View



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After creating a TIPWeb-IT purchase order, receiving the item(s) from a vendor, and shipping those item(s) to a site, TIPWeb-IT allows administrative level users to receive those shipped items on behalf of the site. A purchase order shipment to a site must be in the status of In Transit before items can be received to the respective site.

Receive Items for a Site via Scanning Tags

This process allows administrative level users to receive items to a room, assign the status of the item (available or in use), assign the tag to the item, and record any required custom field data.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Purchasing.
  2. Filter the Purchasing grid to locate the desired purchase order.
  3. Choose a purchase order by clicking on its row.
  4. On the Products tab, locate the desired product to receive.
  5. Click on Ship to Site to open the Shipping Management window.
  6. Click on Scan Tags in the In Transit shipment row.
  7. When the Receive By Tag window appears, select the status of the product from the Status drop down menu:
    • Available - assigns this item to this room for the purpose of later issuing it to an individual or another room.
    • In Use - assigns this item to this room and designates it is not available to issue to another room, staff, or student.
  8. Locate the item's Tag and scan it into the Tag field.
  9. If extra data is required, enter/scan the data into the respective field(s).
  10. Continue to scan all tags until the entire quantity of this product has been received (the Room and Status field will default to last user selected setting).
  11. Once all items have been received, a success message will display to communicate receiving for this product is complete. Click Done to close the Receive By Tag window.


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