Adding a Funding Source



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Funding Sources are the identifiable sources which represent a sum of money or other financial resources used to purchase an item. When adding a product to an existing purchase order, TIPWeb-IT requires a funding source be selected. The Funding Sources screen allows a district level administrative user to add/edit the list of funding sources.

Add a Funding Source

Use the following steps to add a funding source:

  1. Click on Funding Sources under Management Quick Links.
  2. Click on Add Record.
  3. Enter the name of the Funding Source.
  4. Enter a Description for the Funding Source.
  5. Enter the desired TIPWeb-IT user name(s) into the Transferring Restricted To field.
  6. Enter the desired email address(es) into the Status Notifications Sent To field. 1
  7. Enter the desired email address(es) into the Transfer Notifications Sent To field. 2
  8. Click on Save.

TIPWeb-IT users identified in this process will possibly require every site assigned to them (in User Management) and be notified, outside of TIPWeb-IT, regarding each transfer containing tags with restricted funding sources.

Edit a Funding Source

  1. Click on Funding Sources under Management Quick Links.
  2. Enter the desired funding source in the search box under the Funding Source heading.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the desired funding source to be edited. The row expands revealing the funding source details.
  4. Changes can be made to the funding source, description and/or transfer restriction.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.


Check out our related video -  Funding Sources (2:06) - as you review this topic.


  1. Certain funding sources require additional levels of management as they move from site to site within a district (example: e-Rate items). By assigning a TIPWeb-IT user to the funding source, TIPWeb-IT will require the assigned user to approve all respective tags within any site to site transfer. If a restricted funding source tag is added to a transfer, the transfer and ALL tags within it will not be eligible to be Submitted and/or placed In Transit.
  2. Allows for District Administrators to input e-mail addresses for funding sources. A nightly notification is sent to the specified e-mails if at least one tag with the funding source has a Status change or is submitted on a Transfer for the day. For multiple e-mails include an (;) semicolon after each entry.