Adding a Purchase Order



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TIPWeb-IT allows new items to be assigned to your sites through the Purchasing menu. This process allows you to record essential purchasing data (purchase order number, purchase date, vendor, funding source, FRN and quantity).

The recording of a Purchase Order is best practice for adding assets to your database.

Who can use this feature?

  • Administrative level credentials
  • Products and Vendors in your TIPWeb-IT data

Adding a Purchase Order

  1. In the top navigation bar, click on Purchasing.
  2. Click Add Record.
  3. Enter the Purchase Order details. Red fields are required information. The default Status for a new purchase order is "Open".
  4. Click Save.

A printed product catalog will allow you to utilize a scanner during this process in order to identify and quickly scan the product number.

Adding Products to a Purchase Order

  1. Filter the Purchasing grid to locate a specific purchase order.
  2. Click on the respective purchase order's row to expand the row.
  3. On the Products tab, click Add Record.
  4. Enter the Product details. Red fields are required information. 1
  5. Click Save.
  6. To continue adding products to this purchase order, follow steps 3 through 5.


1 When adding a new product with identical data to an existing product line, the new product information will be applied to the existing line increasing the quantity.


Check out our related video -  Record a Purchase Order (2:46) - as you review this topic.