Form Letters



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The Form Letter Editor allows you to create, edit, and store form letter templates to assist you in getting payment for lost instructional materials or getting those materials back, or notifying students/parents of instructional materials policies.

These are letters which provide important information to parents, and students regarding lost items, fines, the end of the year policies, and/or returning items before the last day of school/graduation.

You cannot print the letters for students from the Form Letter Editor, you can only create, edit, and store the letters. To print a letter, you must click on Reports in the Navigation Bar and select the Form Letters subcategory from the drop-down menu.

Book Status is the most common filter applied for Form Letters. Such as, a lost book form letter is created in the Form Letter Editor. Under the Reports area in Instructional Materials Management, the letter is selected and the filter assigned to this letter is for any LOST book status. This creates a letter for each person who has a LOST book status within their account.


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