Using the Tags Grid for Bulk Status Updates



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The Tags grid allows you to edit the status of more than one tag in a bulk tag update. After you set parameters to narrow the list to the tags that you need, the Bulk Edit action allows you to edit information in those tags including Asset Condition.

Who can use this feature?

  • Admin

Bulk Editing Status Updates

  1. From the Tags grid, narrow the list of tags by using filters.
  2. Select the Bulk Edit option in the blue header above the Tags grid.
  3. In the Field to Edit, choose Asset Condition.
  4. Select the desired asset condition from Update Records To.
  5. Click the blue arrow to update the field.
  6. Click Go to begin the bulk editing process.
  7. The system will display a message once the bulk edit is successful.

Include the field you want to edit in the columns so you can verify the results of the edit quickly once the action is completed.