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Quick Nav: Admin > Field Management > All Fields

The following types of fields are available in Field Management: Custom Fields and Help Desk Fields.


Check out this short video -  Field Management: Custom Fields - in addition to referring to this article.

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Custom Fields

Custom fields are fields created by the user. To create a custom field:

  1. Select Create Custom Field.
  2. Choose a data type for the custom field.
  3. Complete the details for the selected data type.
  4. Click the Create button to create the field.

To change the details or settings of a custom field:

  1. Choose Edit to make changes to the custom field.
  2. Complete all required fields and click the Update button.

Help Desk Fields

Help Desk fields are predefined fields for use in ticket templates.


Editable fields will have an Edit option, which allows you to designate whether the field is optional or required. Fields that are used by both Asset Management and Help Desk are non-editable.

Once a ticket template is created, fields can be edited by choosing to Edit Form. Changing the room, site, or tag fields will change the behavior of the field for ALL templates.