Add a Custom Field to a Problem Type



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Quick Nav: Admin > Field Management > All Fields

In order to add a custom field to a problem type, the custom field must be created and then added to a custom template that is associated to the problem type.


Check out this short video -  Field Management: Custom Fields - in addition to referring to this article.

Create a Custom Field

Use Create Custom Field button to set up custom field data type and information.


  1. Select data type to define field.
  2. Name the Custom Field.
  3. Provide a description about the information expected.
  4. Indicate additional field parameters (if applicable).
    1. Multi - Select: allows more than one listed selection.
    2. Required: makes Custom Field information required for the completion of the ticket.
    3. Option List: provides answer choices for field
  5. Click Create to save Custom Field


Associate a Custom Field to a Template

Connect the custom template a problem type during the creation of the custom template.

See Working with Ticket Templates for more information about adding Custom Fields. 

Make sure the problem type is already created before attempting to connect it to a custom template.