Dashboard (Tech/Admin View)



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The GetHelp Dashboard looks the same in the Default Tech view as it does in the Admin view with the exception of the Admin menu.  The Tickets, Knowledge Base and Analytics menus may be absent or look different on other Tech roles.  

  • Dashboard - view with Priority Circles 


  • Tickets - drop down menu that includes My Ticket View, Unassigned Ticket View and All Ticket View 


  • Knowledge Base - Drop down menu that includes My Articles and All Articles 


  • Analytics - includes customized reporting functions 


  • Admin - only available for the service admin role 


  • User name - Drop down menu that includes user profile settings and log out 


  • Create Ticket - Tech/Admin ability to create a ticket 


  • Create Article - Tech/Admin ability to create an article 


  • Search Box/Search - Tech/Admin ability to search tickets 



The only difference between the Admin view and the Tech view is the admin menu.  (For a tech with full permissions)