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Instructional Materials Management 3 Part Audit Series 2021

Session 1: Preparation, Best Practices, Creating Your Audit (District View)


Audits is the automated process by which a district requests a campus to examine, record, and officially verify their campus’ inventory counts for selected district tracked items within Instructional Materials Management.
Within the Audits section, there are two areas:

    • Audit Management
      • create an audit (delete an audit in the status of new)
      • view the campus’ progress
      • edit campus submitted counts
      • verify the audit (ending the review/edit process)
      • print an audit report
    • Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize
      • create campus adjustments respective to overages and shortages reported on a verified campus audit
      • finalize an audit

Audit Management is the primary screen used to manage Instructional Materials Management-created audits . A district user can create an audit, view its progress, review the submitted data, edit the submitted counts, verify the audit, print an audit report, and/or delete an audit in the status of new.

There are six audit statuses:​​​

  • New: The district has created the audit and the respective campus has not started editing it yet .
  • In Progress: The respective campus has opened the audit in the edit screen .
  • Submitted: The respective campus has entered counts for all items within the audit and has submitted it to the district .
  • In Review: The district has opened the submitted audit and started the review process .
  • Verified: The district has completed the review/edit process and marked the audit as verified .
  • Finalized: The district has determined the audit has been concluded and all desired audit tasks are complete .


Session 2: Conducting, Editing, And Submitting Your Audit (District & Campus View)


Notes entered during an edit to a campus inventory count will be displayed on the Campus Audit Report next to the respective ISBN.

Session 3: Create Audit Adjustments And Finalize (District View)


Create Audit Adjustments and Finalize  allows a district user to finalize an audit or create campus adjustments from the overages and shortages within an audit and then finalize it . A district level digital signature is required to Finalize any audit and the digital signature will be displayed on the Campus Audit Report .

Create Audit Adjustments and  Finalize 

 This  automatically  creates campus adjustments relevant to overages and shortages reported on the respective campus audit in the status of Verified. Overages will create Found Campus Adjustments and shortages will create Paid Campus Adjustments . These adjustments will be located in the campus adjustment screen and their campus adjustment name will include the name of the audit from which it was derived, campus ID, campus name and the word “generated .”

This process also changes the audit’s status to Finalized . By doing so, the district is indicating they have determined the audit to be complete and will process any created campus adjustments .

Finalize Only 

Finalizing an audit is the process by which the district changes  the audit status from Verified  to  Finalized .  By  doing  so the district is indicating they have determined the audit to be concluded and all desired audit tasks are completed.