Closing a Campus



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Closing is the process that allows a campus to tidy their data collected over the course of a year or term.

Closing consists of various optional processes that help remove and archive non-relevant data from Instructional Materials Management (formerly TIPWeb-IM). The result is less filtering and sorting through old distributions that are no longer active.

Closing processes cannot be undone. Only use the processes that fit your campus' current policies.

Closing Processes

Access closing processes by navigating to the following:

  1.  Navigation:
  2. Tools
  3. Global Tools
  4. Closing

The following three processes can be performed as part of closing.

Change Student Distributions to "Lost"

This process allows the selection of student or teacher distributions in order to change their status from "DIST" to "LOST". Additionally, in order to aid in collection efforts, there is an option for printing letters to students or teachers who failed to return their distributions by the established deadline.

The following video outlines the process for changing a student distribution to "Lost": Changing Student Distributions to Lost

Remove/Archive Book History

Archive the history of books and materials that have previously been collected and reconciled. The processes removes book history up to the last time the process was run. Once collected records are archived (status of "CLTD") or reconciled (status of "PAID/PRTL" or "LOST"), receipts will reflect any current distribution obligations.

The following video outlines the process for removing/archiving book history: Remove/Archive Book History

Remove/Archive Cleared Students

This process allows the archival of cleared student or teacher accounts. A cleared account is one in which there are no materials assigned, and no outstanding statuses. Archiving cleared accounts allows the next import to bring in only currently enrolled students or teachers.

The following video outlines the process for removing/archiving cleared students: Remove/Archive Cleared Students