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District Book-Course Relationship

Setting up the book‐course relationships is import to have for both the district level and the campus level. The relationship assists in the ordering of the correct number of textbooks. It provides the quantity needed for each title based on the number of students enrolled in a course. With the relationships properly created you have the ability to run reports to give you the overall total student enrollment by course and by campus. This lets you know how many of each title you need district wide as well as where they need to be located in your district.

The Courses area of Instructional Materials Management allows you to maintain courses and the relationships between courses and textbooks by assigning textbooks to courses, setting district and campus (for students and teachers) eligibility percentages, and viewing current and maximum student and teacher enrollment numbers (for each campus in the district). The majority of this course and enrollment information is gathered from data extracted from the Student Information System (SIS) and automatically imported into Instructional Materials Management.

The Campus Student and Campus Teacher percentages are the percentages that you want to allow your campuses to order in respect to a particular title and enrollment in the course(s) tied to the book.

The District Student and District Teacher percentages are the percentages that you want to be eligible to order for your entire district in respect to a particular title based on overall campus enrollment totals.

For Example...

You want to be eligible to receive 103% of a particular title for your entire district. However, you want to allow your campuses to be eligible to order only 100% of this particular title. This allows you to retain 3% in your textbook warehouse for miscellaneous needs.

In addition, there are reports at both the district and the campus level that require the book‐course relationship to exist in order to populate membership/data.

Download this resource for a more comprehensive look at the book-course relationship.